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13th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals

"Proclimatic Transformations"

Bóbrka, 2-3 june 2022

The 13th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals ,,Proclimatic Transformations” is the largest event in the Oil and Gas industry in Poland, also inaugurating the celebration of the Year of Łukasiewicz a great inventor and visionary.

It will be held in Bóbrka on 2nd and 3rd of June 2022, and its topics will include issues related to the transformations and new strategy in the Oil and Gas industry.

Current information

Thematic areas of 13th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals

  • the place of hydrocarbon fuels in the country's energy balance, prospects for the development of the resource base, access to and protection of hydrocarbon deposits

  • the impact on the climate and the environment of the oil and gas industry

  • the use of hydrogen and renewable hydrocarbon fuels in the energy transformation of renewable fuels in geological structures and their transport via pipelines

  • geological sequestration and safe transport of CO2

  • sharing and use of geothermal energy

  • waste processing into hydrocarbon biocomponents, synthetic fuels

  • environmentally friendly technologies in the refining industry

Registration card for the 13th PCOiG
Application card.jpg
Guidelines for the authors of the papers

How to prepare conference materials

Conference materials, only abstracts of papers in English. The maximum number of characters in the text per page should not exceed 3 500. The abstract is to consist of the title, author (s), affiliation and content presented in the speech, and possibly a reference.


Materials (abstracts and presentations) should be sent to 

Full papers, including, for example, photos, drawings, charts, etc., may be published in subsequent issues of Wiadomości Naftowych i Gazowniczych. 

More informations: 
SITPNiG ul. Łukasiewicza 1/110, 

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